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Judy Lynn Shields has been published in the Los Angeles Loyolan, Field Force Automation, Soundings, and the Los Angeles Paralegal Association Reporter.

Los Angeles Loyolan, Staff writer, 1984 to 1986,

Please click on the attached links to view the following articles:

Shields, Judy Lynn.  "Your Mobile Link to Better Sales," Field Force Automation. 

February 2001, p. 22.  About the Casio Soft hand-held mobile product inventory device.

Shields, Judy Lynn.  "Alana Marcellitti Teen Follows Family Tradition - Creates her Own," Soundings.  August 2001, p.9.  About Alana Marcellitti and her involvement with the St. Monica's church youth ministry program.

Shields, Judy Lynn. "Commissioner Douglas G. Carnahan Speaks on Legal Ethics at the LAPA South Bay Section Meeting," LAPA Reporter.  April 2008, pp. 10, and 21.  This article provides an overview of key points that Commissioner Douglas G. Carnahan of the Los Angeles County Superior Court  mentioned in his presentation on legal ethics, and how California Business and Professions Code Section 6450 sets forth the professional requirements and allowable duties of a paralegal.

Shields, Judy Lynn.  "Rhonda Reid Speaks on Legal Technology," LAPA Reporter.  August 2008, pp. 1, 5, 10, and 14.  About Rhonda Reid's presentation on the different types of software available to law firms to assist with trial presentation and organizing files.