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Judy Lynn Shields is experienced with providing the below described estate planning and estate administration documents and services.

Estate Planning:
Living Trust documents consisting of the Declaration of Trust, Schedules A, B, and C identifying assets to be included in the trust.
Amendment to a Declaration of Trust.
"Pour Over" Last Will and Testament indicating that all assets are to be distributed through the Declaration of Trust.
Health Care Power of Attorney.
Advanced Health Care Directive.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) authorization for release of medical
records form.
Financial Durable Power of Attorney.
Quit Claim Deed to Transfer real property into the trust.Preliminary Change of Ownership Report to be filed with the County
Assessor's Office.

Estate Administration:
Estate administration services provided to the client, following the death of the "Settlor," or the person who executed the trust:

Allocation agreements for distributing trust assets among beneficiaries.
Final accounting.
File original Will and codicils with the court.
Assistance with notifying the Social Security Administration and State Department of Health.
Assistance with locating beneficiaries.
Notifying beneficiaries of the death of the Settlor, and mailing a copy of the trust documents to them.
Obtaining copies of bank statements, investment reports and credit card statements of the deceased, for assistance with
determining the amount of estate assets and liabilities to be included in the appraisal of trust assets, and with the Final
Assistance with obtaining professional appraisals of real property and other tangible collectibles such as fine art, musical
instruments, or jewelry.
Obtaining Taxpayer Identification Number for the Trust.

Trust litigation documents, including but not limited to:

Petition to Remove Trustee (or Objection to).
Petition to Compel an Accounting.
Petition for Instruction on Estate Management Issues.
Petition for an Order Confirming Trust Ownership of Designated Real and Personal Property Assets.
Petition for Court Approval to Manage Business Assets, long term, held by the Settlor prior to death or incapacity.