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Judy Lynn Shields Paralegal Services was established in 2013 in Santa Monica, CA to provide paralegal and legal document assistance to the public and to attorneys.

All documents prepared are complete, and upon review and acceptance by the client, are suitable for filing with the Court or government agency.  Blank forms are never sold to the client.

For the General Public:

Services are provided to the public at a cost less than retaining a traditional law firm.  Public clients represent themselves, but for an extra price, can be accompanied to court by an attorney, or meet occasionally with an attorney to gain advice on legal strategy and answer any questions the client might have.  The advantage of this arrangement is that the public client only pays for an attorney when it is needed.

For the Law Firm:

Judy Lynn Shields Paralegal Services can be used as a virtual paralegal for a law firm that needs extra temporary staffing when gearing up for trial, or other types of complex litigation requiring extensive legal research and drafting of motions and/or petitions.  Retain our firm when law firm clients are in need of services that the law firm's full time staff do not have the time and/or expertise to provide.

The law firm saves money when it doesn't have to pay Worker's Compensation Insurance, health insurance benefits, or provide office space because Judy Lynn Shields works as an independent contractor from her own office.  She can be retained by the hour or by the project depending on the firm's needs.

For all Clients:

When appropriate, Judy Lynn Shields will travel to the client's home or office to conduct the initial client meeting, and then will travel as necessary to present documents for review to the client.