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Please view the accompanying PRICE SHEET SUMMARY pages listing prices for most standard assignments, and call (310) 829-9051 to place your order.

For projects not listed on these pages, or for anything that would be considered as "complex," please call (310) 829-9051 for a quote, or alternatively, schedule an in-person appointment, and a quote will be given at that time.  The client and Judy Lynn Shields will discuss the project, and a price will be determined based on an estimate of the number of hours that Judy Lynn Shields believes the project will take.  Those clients who phone or email for a quote, (and who do not meet with Judy Lynn Shields personally) after discussing the assignment with Judy Lynn Shields will be emailed a PayPal generated invoice.

Judy Lynn Shields requires a minimum retainer of $100.00 for any document she is assisting the client with, or any service she is providing to the client.  $100.00 is applied to the first 2.5 hours of work.  Each additional hour is computed at $40.00 per hour.  The client affirms that he or she has read the accompanying TERMS AND CONDITIONS listed on this Website, understands his or her statutory rights, and agrees with the fee that is quoted at the time the order is placed.  All phone, online, and U.S. mail orders must be paid  in full at the time of purchase.  Upon placing of the order, Judy Lynn Shields will email a contract.   All initial appointments will be confirmed by email.   The contract will confirm the agreed upon price, and provide a brief summary of the agreed upon assignment or service to be provided.  Clients who are emailed the contract must reply back by email confirming they have accepted the terms of the contract.  Those clients who do not wish to be emailed the contract will be sent it in the U.S. mail.  Judy Lynn Shields will start work on the assignment upon receipt of the reply acknowledgment, and/or signed contract from the client, and upon receipt of the complete payment from the client.  The California Business and Professions Code requires that all assignments be confirmed in writing with a contract.

Legal documents will be prepared by Judy Lynn Shields in conformance with the Court or government agency's procedural requirements.  The Court or government agency will make its decision based on the evidence supplied to it, supported by the law.  Judy Lynn Shields Paralegal Services is not liable if the decision made by the Court or government agency is unsatisfactory to the client, assuming  all procedural requirements have been complied with.

Call (310) 829-9051 today, or contact Judy Lynn Shields via email at:  She looks forward to doing business with you.  Payment is accepted by cash, check, money order, or credit card, through the PayPal generated email invoice.